On February 22nd Adia Victoria's new album Silences will be released through Canvasback Music/Atlantic. Contrary to the album title, the collection is set to feature a number of punchy pop songs, as heard in 'Dope Queen Blues' and this week's new track 'Different Kind of Love'.

Much of the comment around Adia's new album will mention the production from The National's Aaron Dessner, and certainly he gives a swing and style to 'Different Kind of Love', but this is the singer's show. Elegantly sashaying between rhythmic guitars and steamy brass, Adia Victoria casts herself as a magnetic confessor, staying cool as she sings of her desires, compelling from first to last.

Adia Victoria tells us about the track's inspiration and the video accompaniment:

"'Different Kind of Love' is at its heart an attempt to confront very primal, timeless questions of the human condition. We all fall in and out of love and question those who join us in our folly. I teamed up with Alex Bittan to recreate a performance that may have felt at home on 1960's French television, replete with Parisian musician Madeleine Besson playing host. The video is only one take, and this captures the relentless spirit of the repeated refrain "between the world and me, tell me what will be? who do you love, tell me who do you love?""

Adia Victoria's new album Silences is out on February 22nd through Canvasback/Atlantic.