Fresh from The 405's recent jaunt to Sweden, we bring you the brand new single by Gothenburg-born sångare (that's Swedish for singer - thanks Google Translate!), Adna. 'Living' is the first release from the talented musician's second album, out next year, following some very positive write-ups for her debut, Night, which launched her career in March this year.

A few months ago Adna relocated to Berlin, where she's been working on the new record, Run, Lucifer, and the sonic direction she's going with is a mix between the acoustic and the electronic. What's interesting is that her writing process finds Adna initially jotting down all lyrics in Swedish before translating them to English once the music has been composed. This may seem like a long-winded process but it ensures she gets to say exactly what she wants to say in each of her songs. We are promised a record with a "fervent and grandiose sound" and if 'Living' is anything to go by, you can sign us up.

'Living' will be available to buy for ready money from tomorrow, 12 November.