Back in November we premiered a new track from singer-songwriter, Adna, whose second album, Run, Lucifer, has since been completed and is being readied for release next month. To launch the record, the Berlin-based Swede is putting out this new single, which we think is an instant winner. Kicking off with quite literally a drum-roll, it builds on the marriage between an acoustic soundbed and electronic sensibilities, which characterised 'Living' and sits at the heart of Run, Lucifer.

We're told that over in Scandinavia Adna is thought to become Sweden's next big international rising star and her debut album has already had over four million listens on Spotify (most Swedes don't download music from iTunes or its contemporaries but prefer streaming, instead). It'll be interesting to see whether Run, Lucifer can break Adna outside her home country and bring her renown in Europe and across the pond. Based on 'Lonesome', we think it ought to.