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Summoned from the dead by the superior of New York City's most influential crime organization to assist in a bloody and vengeful agenda, Ghostface Killah's latest reviving breath regulates the power dynamics of the gritty metropolis' crime landscape and offers his own post-humus revenge in the process. "It's time for a new chapter. Twelve more reasons to die after the laughter. It's relevant, the legacy lives on lavish. Ghostface Killah, return of a savage," he raps fervently, resurrecting from the vinyl, where the soul of his alter ego Tony Starks has been immortalized on wax.

Twelve Reasons To Die II is the compelling 13-track cinematic sequel to Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge's 2013 Mafioso-infused collaborative concept album set in the 1970s and played out in the gritty streets of New York. The graphic and colourful mythology of power, loyalty and revenge fuses sharply with the operatic score and live instrumentation presented by producer/composer Younge, who provides an eerie framework for Ghostface's violently vivid and often literal storytelling. Other Wu-Tang legends may also be hailed responsible for the avid artistic synthesis, as RZA is recruited to narrate essential moments of the intricate plot, while Raekwon plays the central role of Lester Kane, mafia spearhead and antihero, through personified lyricism.

Picking up from where the original Twelve Reasons grimy gang war narrative left off, a new powerful crime collective, commanded by Raekwon's Lester Kane challenges the previously introduced DeLuca mob family, initiating a war between the kingpins. Aware of the legend of Tony Starks, who was killed in the 2013 album by the DeLuca family and morbidly eternalized within 12 vinyl records, Lester Kane obtains the LPs and summons the Ghost for his own acrimonious obligations.

Without spoiling the complexities of the collaborative storyline, it's important to note that the density of Twelve Reason To Die II is difficult to fully grasp without first experiencing the fictionalized origins of the characters in part one of the chronicles. And without the juxtaposition of the series as a cohesive opus, singles emerge in limbo, lost in encryption without their footnotes. As a solid audio film however, Adrian Younge and GFK have created a two-part prolific paradigm of rap mythology which flourishes amongst the conflicts of 'King Of New York', to the sacrifices made in 'Resurrection Morning'.

Decades into his career and Ghostface's unrelenting creative experimentation has only intensified, having also released the collaborative project, Sour Soul with Canadian trio BadBadNotGood earlier this year. "This is not the last we'll ever hear of Tony Starks. In actuality, this is a new beginning. Tony Starks was once a man who became a demon, but now lives again in flesh and blood of the Ghostface Killah," RZA narrates in conclusion. The legend of Ghostface Killah has most certainly continued mercilessly, gifting us with twelve more reasons to spin the wax he's immortalized on.

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