While UK bands like Foals and Everything Everything gather headlines, cover stories and major radio playlists for fun, there are bands like Adults, The Elderly and Children working hard in the shadows. Like their peers Olympians and Spring Offensive, they are quietly streamlining the music that they make, refining their sound into a whole different beast. Learning that you do not need to fill in all the gaps with sound, but be confident enough to let the music breath for itself, making the band a really exciting proposition.

The song that we have chosen as today's track of the day, Flags, isn't even the A-Side of their latest single Beez. It is a subtly uplifting little number that takes you over in just three minutes. Its haze of synth drones establish tonality allowing the lyrics to really sift through the half thoughts of your day and hit home harder than they usually would. When a song is as contemplative as this one, it's the perfect technique. It's not a punch in the face but a knowing smile and a hand on your shoulder. Which is what we all need a the start of a new week.