Label: Rock Action Release date: Out Now Link: Myspace Buy: Amazon Afrirampo will never really be fully understood, I’m sure. Take last album Suuto Breakor for example – 7 tracks, named ‘Suuto Breakor 1’ through to ‘Suuto breakor 7’ that gave every experimental music nerd and every lover of avant Japanese pop a bigger orgasm than the time they first heard Polysics. It’s hard to see where they go from that really, it was such an exposition on their sound in general, that it looked difficult to surpass. But surpass it they did. What we are given on We Are Uchu No Ko is two discs of immensely experimental rock, pop, avant, electronic, beats and riffs, all mashed up with other, unnamed influences, and churned out and moulded into songs. And with all of the songs that come out, we get a beautiful mix that turns corners, double backs and generally changes direction more times than you can count. This is unsettled music, music that changes where it’s going and where it wants to be in seconds. Take, for example, ’Tou Zai Nan Boku‘. This is a song that knows no boundaries. It moves at an electric pace between atonal crescendos to slow burning shouty rock in an atonal voice, to call and response movements, to guitar winding rock and back again. All in just under 3 and a half minutes. Or ‘Yah Yah Yeah’, the closest this album comes to a sing along pop song. It’s sing along, it’s euphoric, but it also winds and moves in and out of loud and quiet, in and out of straight up rock to experimental break down, into crescendo, chanting, minimalist transitions, tempo changes and exciting movements. I would say that this is the most accessible I’ve heard Afrirampo, but that doesn’t make them boring or sold out, it’s just the easiest to understand of a rather difficult bunch. It is fair to say that every song on this album has a life and a style of its own. Each one is a liquid mass; a mosaic of musical pieces stuck together any way that will fit, which makes for some quite interesting listens. It would also make for a quite phenomenal live show, if it wasn’t for these geniuses splitting up. Yes, I am afraid to say that this duo of insane musicians announced that they have split up with instant effect. We Are... will be their final offering. And all I can say is a massive thanks to Mogwai’s Rock action label for letting us hear this phenomenal achievement. Photobucket