Hackney duo AGE are back with the latest single from their debut EP, Crush, which sees them trace the breakdown of a relationship.

The electronic indie pair have worked with Paddy Baird (Shibashi-Two Door Cinema Club side project) on their upcoming EP and already have some stellar singles under their belt.

Latest single ‘Ours’ is an intimate yet shiny synth-pop track with a tropical vibe adding a dreamy sheen to the darker lyrics, “don’t you crush it with a cold emotion.”

Gavin Dwight’s lead vocals slowly bleed into band mate Jen Cosgrave’s and the melodies chime in unison. It’s a solid single which shows AGE have got both mood and hooks for days.

The striking video was shot in one night, but went on to take a year to build and edit. Always having worked with directors from their community this time they brought in a motion graphics artist to create the world that the video unravels in.

It’s a blissed out slice of pristinely produced pop.