Welcome to a new feature here at The 405, simply called 'Agony Aunt'. You've all picked up a magazine/newspaper before, so I'm sure you're familair with the whole 'Agony Aunt' setup, so we won't go into the whole thing.

However, we do want to share some info with you about who we've drafted in to take care of all your problems.

First is up is Elizabeth Sankey from Summer Camp:


"Being someone to whom multiple social faux pas happen on an hourly basis, over the years I have accumulated a catalogue of cringing experiences. Thus I feel huge empathy with others over their own tight spots. Throughout this I strongly urge everyone to address me as aunty. No, nanny. Actually neither."

Joining Elizabeth will be the fantastic TEETH.


We're gonna be asking the ouija board, so who knows...

Every two weeks we'll be sending them both 3 questions to answer; Elizabeth will be answering them in the form of text, while TEETH will be answering them through the medium of sound (podcast).

To take part, just send your questions to hello@thefourohfive.com, or send it to us via our twitter or facebook page.

Illustration: James Boast (www.jamesboast.com)