I'm not entirely positive where Cameroon is, but if it's churning out musical gems like the now France-based duo AIR BAG ONE, I think I'd better brush up on my geography. They only have a handful of tracks to their name, but they're strong enough to have earned them a spot at this year's SXSW festival and their latest, 'You've Got Somethin' is a picture-perfect example as to why.

It's an ambitious, synth-driven tune that sits right on the line between Phoenix and Everything Everything with a little bit more of a retro 80's edge, a true pop gem through and through. The song is the B-side to their brand new 45", and both tracks are from their forthcoming debut album Rich Kids, slated for release later on this year. The band explained that the song is partaking in life's forbidden riches, saying “You’ve Got Something” is about all the un-confessed fantasies that slumber in each of us. It’s about forbidden things that are attracting us and scaring us at the same time. Sometimes, desire is stronger than moral. We think it's a feeling that everyone knows - when you're playing with fire, you feel alive.”

Stream 'You've Got Something' below!

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