Some 18 months ago in the summer of 2011, a somewhat mysterious artist known as Air Drops uploaded a ridiculously sunny and moreish trill-wave track titled 'Jejune' that racked up countless plays both in our heads and with actual listens.

Mike Graybill is the man behind the project and went on to release an EP earlier this year, and has been quiet since then until today - with a new track titled 'Bom Bali Blast' available on Youtube. It's only a day away until the longest day of the year, but cure your Winter Solstice blues with a blast of light electronic-calypso beats that's like drinking liquid sunlight.

He cites David Byrne and Cut Copy as influences and it all comes together a bit in this short-sharp burst of fun; seriously, it's impossible to be unhappy once things kick in after 49 seconds. It's unknown if this will feature on any kind of release as of yet.