Not too much is known about Air Drops. Go on his (an assumption) Facebook page, his main source of activity bar some Kanye West forum posts, and you'll get a big white space.

'Jejune' was posted on youtube a couple of weeks back and it's a warm, hazy track that although you get the feeling you've heard many chillwave times before, it's just so darn sun-streaming-in-the-a-refracted window beautiful you won't care.

In light of lack of words on him, here are the four comments under his YouTube video - and for YouTube comments are surprisingly accurate:

  • "best new music." states mennawave
  • "this is so good when you're high." suggests Bryantsreeves
  • "Awesome! I really enjoyed the song and the video!!" MayorOfAwesometown enthusiastically proclaims. Awesome by name, awesome by his own critical analysis.

NewDarkAgeMusic simply puts: "incredible"