What can I begin with except that I hope 'J.Park' stands for Jurassic Park. Because I've just been sitting here listening to this track, with its expansive synths sweeping the horizon, its soothing repertoire of muted melodies, with its laid-back beat, its chilled atmosphere, twinned with its occasional monstrous sounds, the ebb and flow of fluttering electronics, insectoid chattering – the combination of meltingly chilled (how paradoxical, I know) and bristling with wide mystery just made me wish it were supposed to be evocative of Jurassic Park, a potential paradise brimming with life and beauty flawed by man's hubris… and the fact that the place is crawling with dinosaurs who'd rather eat you than shake your hand. That's what this track felt like to me.

Who's it by? Airbird & Napolian, also known by less magical Anglo-Saxon names Joel Ford (co-boss of Software alongside Daniel Lopatin) and Ian Evans, who previously made music together under these monikers in 2013 with a few tracks including 'Special' and 'In The Zone'. They're teaming up again now to release a debut LP called Mr. Foolish on never-puts-a-foot-wrong Cascine – the previously released 'Special' appears on the upcoming album.

Mr. Foolish is out 18th Novemeber; you can pre-order it here.

  • Mr. Foolish tracklist:
  • 01. Try Again (Intro)
  • 02. American House
  • 03. Won’t Hurt
  • 04. In The Zone
  • 05. Special
  • 06. Only You
  • 07. J. Park
  • 08. POWEr
  • 09. Go To The Sun
  • 10. Con's