Within the last week, Airhead has been giving us a glimpse into the sounds we can expect from his debut, For Years. Last week, he released 'Autumn', a quiet, guitar picked chord progression with spare percussion and light manipulated vocals. Now we get our first listen to 'Fault Line', debuted on BBC Radio 1.

'Fault Line' is a different beast altogether. Where 'Autumn' was more contemplative, 'Fault Line' is club music right from the start. Plodding bass drum and a hammering snare propel the song, pushing it forward, fading in and out. The singing vocals are manipulated here, turning into shimmers and echoes, and in other spots, part of a larger rhythmic pulsing. This keeps switching up, never allowing the track to drag or dull, but instead engaging the listener through the end.

With these two reveals from For Years, Airhead's debut on R & S Records promises to be an interesting and eclectic record, but we'll have to wait for June 10.