After dropping her Conscious Cunt EP last month, Geneva-based musicmaker Aïsha Devi will be releasing her debut album called Of Matter And Spirit in October. It's titledafter the last book written by her grandfather, a physicist who worked at CERN, and is inspired by conversations between the two about "sound, vibrations, and the parallels between physics and spirituality."

In a press release, Devi also stated:

"My process of creation takes its source in meditation, mantras, shamanism, healing frequencies… the idea is to trigger a social and spiritual awareness through music."

The latest morsel of music born out of that process is called 'Mazdâ' and you can listen to it below. Taken from the forthcoming album, it's a bubbling, abrasive tract of dark and experimental techno-flavoured sounds.

Of Matter And Spirit is out on 2nd October via Houndstooth. You can pre-order it here. Check the tracklist below.

  • Of Matter And Spirit tracklist:
  • 01. Adera
  • 02. Mazdâ
  • 03. Initiation To An Illusion
  • 04. Numen J
  • 05. Kim & The Wheel Of Life
  • 06. Aurat (Tool)
  • 07. 1%
  • 08. Anatomy Of Light
  • 09. OMA
  • 10. The Saviour On Spilled Blood