Taking on Elvis' 1954 recording 'Harbor Lights', accomplished experimental musician Aisha Orazbayeva took the track's simple melodies, replacing the acoustic arrangements with her own loving violin composition. Not solely resting on her musical abilities - which are immense - Orazbayeva also directed the track's interpersonal video.

There are "two stories of separation," she says. "[The] video plays out something witnessed on Baker Street one cold evening five years ago. One of those moments you never forget. When thinking of an idea for 'Harbor Lights' video that scene came back to me. People separate for different reasons: in the song they are still in love but they can't stay together, in the video their love is in the past. There's not much more to this in a way of a concept."

"I tried to make the video as if it was a memory of what happened," she continues. "Something that plays over and over in one's mind becoming more distant and removed each time but the feeling of sadness is still present I guess."

The cover comes from the Kazakhstan-born musician's recently released album The Hand Gallery, which also includes interpretations of pieces from the likes of Steve Reich, Morton Feldman, and John Cale.

Watch her video for 'Harbor Lights' below and order The Hand Gallery today via Prah Recordings (founded by Stephen Bass of Moshi Moshi fame).

Orazbayeva will be performing two special shows in London the coming weeks. The first, October 20th at the Red Gallery, and November 5th at Rich Mix.