When we eventually get to the end of 2016, one of the names that will be in the forefront of the UK music scene will undoubtedly be AJ Tracey. The West London-based MC/rapper has been enjoying a successful run over the last couple of years (which I've spoken about before) but one would argue that 2016 is the year AJ Tracey made his mark.

This past week should hold particular weight in his memory for the foreseeable; earmarked as Julie Adenuga's UK Represent on Beats 1, AJ and Julie spoke throughout the week in one of his most in-depth and revealing interviews to date, where he discussed his background, musical heroes, and future music.

Exactly one week ago, AJ made a seemingly ominous tweet about disappearing for an unspecified amount of time and blacked out his social media channels: "I'm gone for a bit... Just need people to Leave Me Alone." Unbeknown to most, this was merely an announcement that his long awaited new single was finally ready to go.

"The fact is, I haven't put any solo AJ content out for ages," he told Julie. "I've been working on this single, [I] wanted it to be perfect; that's why it took so long." 'Leave Me Alone' is a stark message to the various distractions of life, made up of witty, free-flowing bars and bouncy trap-inspired production courtesy of Nyge. Although there's no confirmed plans for a new feature-length project, one would assume that it cannot be far off.

'Leave Me Alone' is available now via all good digital platforms. His previous release, the Alex Moran EP is streaming on SoundCloud and is available as a free download.