Consider: maybe life is too short to be hanging on for the elusive Jai Paul (is it -ai as in "high" or -ai as in "hay"? Serious question). But then again Penelope waited for Odysseus for ages, 10 years in fact, for him to get home from the Trojan War. However Jai Paul's no war hero and I'm not that loyal innit.

However, that's beside the point. Life is full of too much wonder, too much variation in music, to save myself and maintain a musical chastity for just one, mega-hyped musician.

That said: for all those that wanna know, Miguel has been photographed with both Jai Paul and his brother, AK Paul. In a studio. Collabos on the horizon probably.

And if you need a refresher course: Jai Paul released this crazy-good demo a few years ago called 'BTSTU' that blew everyone's socks off. XL Recordings announced they were gonna do an album with him. An album appeared on Bandcamp (fuck it, I enjoyed it, wrote about it, and?) but this was ILLEGAL and NOT ENDORSED even though it was VERY RARE. Everyone was confused, XL seemed angry, Jai Paul disappeared off to Troy. That's about the gist of it. Oh and then he released a song called 'Jasmine' and then his brother, AK, released a song too. And now there's Miguel.

They're still around – should we just start referring to them as one single entity, A-Paul, Jai-K? – but I wonder: do they know the hype that follows in their wake? Oh and apparently over the summer, Scottish producer Rodaidh McDonald was working with Jai: "We finished it [the track], whether he wants to put it out or not I don’t know. It’s just a very long process for him I guess, he’s been working on [his album] for years." So, even if Miguel was collaborating, who's to say the results will ever see the light of day.

Keep your ears pure for Jai. Listen to only Jai. Holy Jai.

Oh: Recently, XL boss Richard Russell was asked and had some answers regarding Mr. Paul.