Aynotché Tèrabu - 'Mahmoud Ahmed'

I love to dance to this tune. He is named the James Brown of Ethiopia. Pure funk and groove. It's hypnotising. I have no idea what he is saying, but it feels so good!

Nick Drake - 'Chime of the city clock'>

This song's entry is like a hip-hop sample in my head. Locked down and then the way the song grows into strings and orchestration. It reminds me of my late night walks around London. The city that I love and lost.

Moondog with Julie Andrews & Martyn Green - 'Songs of Fun and Nonsense'

I am a big Edward Lear fan. I've collected many of his first edition books, so this song makes perfect sense to me! Totally bonkers. Moondog is a genius and Julie Andrews is one of my favourite vocalists. So pure. I often think what the recording sessions must have been like. I think they were all high as a kite! Mary Poppins style.

Dusty Springfield - 'Anyone Who Had A Heart'

This song reminds me of singing and cooking in the kitchen with my mum. I can't sing this song without my heart crying. I remember dealing with a break up, and playing this song over and over and over, to the point where the CD gave in. Dusty rules. Timeless vocals.

Skunk Anansie - 'Yes It's Fucking Political'

What can I say. This music got me through my youth. I even shaved all my hair off... a few times. And the song is even more relevant now. The only way I can really digest how fucked up our political world is, is via satire. I must be able to laugh at it. Have I got news for you, Real Time with Bill Maher and Private Eye magazine all keep me sane.

We recommend checking out the fantastic video for ALA.NI's 'Darkness At Noon':