Oslo's rising acoustic singer-songwriter, Tina Refsnes has turned Alaska into an animated folk haven within the video for her latest soft single. The song comes from Tina's November-released debut album No One Knows That You're Lost, which draws inspiration from the remote seascape of her Norwegian hometown and was produced and recorded in Canada with Robbie Lackritz, who has worked with artists like Feist, The Weather Station and Rilo Kiley.

Growing up in the small seaside town of Floro, (where an abundance of rain caused the salt from the sea spray to spread up to a mile from the coastline,) she always longed for the noise and life of a larger city. Yet, her subconscious love for the open seascape and mountainous terrain followed her into her songwriting. That passion is most evident in what she's delivered sonically and visually with 'Alaska,' a place where her potent mix of English new-folk and poignant Americana flourish.