Label: Ark Recordings Release date: 20/10/08 Link: Buy: Amazon UK I've never been much of an Oasis fan, or indeed Noel Gallagher for that matter but for the sheer fact that this band will be supporting Oasis on a few dates this month at Noel's request makes me think he's not just a gobby mancunian but in fact a very wise guy. Well kinda wise I guess. Wise in the sense that he's obviously got a love of great music but stupid in the sense that I have feeling this band could really show his band up. If you're wondering who this band are, I'll enlighten you. Alberta Cross are a five piece rock band from New York who've garnered a lot of praise from all corners of the music world, even though their debut album isn't set to be released until next year. The Thief & The Heartbraker is a 7 track EP which is set to be re-issued on Ark Recordings on the 20th of this month. I didn't catch this EP the first time it came around but I'm incredibly happy I caught it on it's return because it's an absolute joy. Singer Peter Ericson has an ethereal, yet raw quality about him and is probably the cherry on top of this beautiful cake. But that's not to say it's just the Peter Ericson show. The band work really well together and although it's not strictly straight ahead folk, they certainly have some of that genres qualities in their music, especially the use of harmonies on 'Hard Breaks'. Towards the end of the EP is does tail off a bit but not in a complete nose dive kind of way but more like the natural progression of every day life. You wake up, you go about your business and by the end of the day you're in your bed asleep. They've been compared to Kings Of Leon before but I guarantee if those guys heard this EP they wouldn't think twice about swapping it for their latest release.