Kari Harneshaug is a Norwegian artist known for her honestly evocative songs filled with stark and dramatic imagery. First signed to indie Trondheim label, No Forevers, in 2012, she released her debut album Early Morning Memories the same year to much critical acclaim. One year later, this Nordic gem follows up with her sophomore record, 7th Day Saviour, hailed by Norway's music press as "a rock solid follow up."

This hidden treasure of the Norwegian indie-experimental scene has gained a solid following through extensive touring and playing the renowned Nordic festival circuit, including Øya and Pstereo. She was one of the headliners at Trondheim Calling 2016, receiving rave reviews for her first live performance of this her third album, We Were Closer To The End.

The album was recorded during spring '15 in the celebrated Greener Studios, home to some of the coolest bands in Norway - Dråpe, Gold Celeste and uber dudes of the "now", Snøskred. In fact it was the latter's front man, Karl Klaseie who both mixed and produced Kari's album. Interestingly, Kari operated an "open door" policy during the recording, inviting in members of the public to form an on-site audience of the creative process, a practice relatively unheard of in the music world.

By clearing her musical cache as it were, Kari opened the way for a more unhindered, free-flowing, organic approach to her work on this album, and in so doing, has produced what is probably her most thrillingly theatrical and musically inspired record to date.

We're really pleased to be able to premiere We Were Closer To The End in its entirety. The album comes out through No Forevers today, on digital, details here, have a gander.

While you browse, have a listen to the album. From the intrigue of 'Twin Peaks' doppelganger, 'Wild One', to the dark provocative theatrics of 'Lower My Eyes' with its exquisite guitar solos, this is an album that will magnetically draw you into its fascinating vortex, and keep you transfixed.