The pick of this weeks album crawl comes in the form of Severant, the debut album by former Vex’d man and Dubstep original Jamie ‘Kuedo’ Teasdale. Evoking a futuristic, dystopian soundscape in the Blade Runner vein, ‘Severant’ is intricate and deftly crafted, an immersive journey touching on a range of styles and genres. You can lose yourself over at the Guardian, who are exclusively streaming it in anticipation of its release next week.

Closely behind is James Blake’s follow up to his critically lauded debut, Enough Thunder. It features collaborations with Bon Iver and a cover of Joni Mitchell, and focuses on piano-driven pop songs, moving further away from the electronic landscape that made his name. It’s out now on Universal Republic.

Shoegazing dance act M83’s new LP, ‘Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming’ is streaming over at the Urban Outfitters blog. A ‘tribute’ to his childhood, it features an appearance by Zola Jesus and focuses on teenage dreams and being young and dumb. It’s drawn out and epic (his words, not mine), and is set for release on the 18th.

Beach-pop boys Real Estate are preparing for the release of their second effort Days. It consists of sun-kissed gems that evoke an aura of romanticism underpinned by waves of melancholia. You can hear that over at NPR in anticipation for an 18th of October release date.

Finally, not an album but a bombshell nonetheless, Burial and Massive Attack officially announce their collaboration for a two-track single in the form of previously unheard ‘Four Walls’. The single features two tracks ‘Paradise Circus’ (from previous album Heligoland) and ‘Four Walls’. Both are serious heavyweights at around 12 minutes each, and feature Burial delving further into beatless, ambient territory.