In celebration of our 'Albums of the Year' list we decided to get in contact with all the artists on our top 30 for a short Q&A. We sent them all the same five questions, from what their favourite album of the year is, to what they'd change about their album.

Every day during the voting period we'll post a couple of these interviews so that you can get to know the artists a bit better.

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Looking back on the album, how do you feel about it? Is there anything you'd change about it?

Alixander III: we have a bunch of tracks from before and after the LP, but what we chose to include on the album really start and finish that thought, that transient sentiment. It's a part of us and we can't and wouldn't change that, though we will always be moving along.

Tell us something about the album, or the recording of the album, that isn't common knowledge!

Alixander III: Lots of it was recorded to 2" tape with Neumann U47 and M49s. We had a great SMPTE sync between tape, Protools, Logic, the analog console motor automation, and the old midi gear as well. You just press play on the tape machine and the whole studio chases, even varispeeding! It's a beautiful sight.

What's your favourite album of 2011?

Alixander III: Washed Out, Within & Without

What's the best thing you've done this year, besides releasing the album?

Alixander III: The highlight of 2011 is the highlight of my life so far, the constant realization of being madly in love with my partner and feeling, for the first time really, a sense of unfleeting [sic] belonging.

What are your plans for 2012?

Alixander III: Stay together.