In celebration of our 'Albums of the Year' list we decided to get in contact with all the artists on our top 30 for a short Q&A. We sent them all the same five questions, from what their favourite album of the year is, to what they'd change about their album.

Every day during the voting period we'll post a couple of these interviews so that you can get to know the artists a bit better.

Remember, you can vote on your favourite album of the year here.

Looking back on the album, how do you feel about it? Is there anything you'd change about it?

I'm very happy about it but at the same time I would probably have done some things differently if I would have had the time. I guess it's pretty common to never be fully satisfied with recordings after a while. But I want to look forward now!

Tell us something about the album, or the recording of the album, that isn't common knowledge!

All the songs are actually Dire Straits songs played in reverse and at half speed. No seriously, maybe that the title for the album initially was planned to be Architects talking about love but in the end no one really liked that idea!

What's your favourite album of 2011?

Always so difficult to pick just one! I love 936 by Peaking Lights and also Replica by Oneohtrix Point Never.

What's the best thing you've done this year, besides releasing the album?

Finally seeing the beautiful vinyl packaging in Rough Trade Shop in London was pretty special!

What are your plans for 2012?

We are planning to tour a bit in Europe early next year and then we will be supporting M83 on their forthcoming North American tour in April/May. Hopefully releasing an EP during Spring as well!