2014's most eclectic week of album and single releases is here. You've got The Flaming Lips covering the Beatles, a wonderful album by Ultimate Painting, the best Twilight Sad LP so far, and much more.

Below you'll find a list of key albums/singles released today, along with links to our reviews (the ones in blue). Due to our review policy (up to two weeks before release, and in some cases the week following the release), a lot of the albums/singles won't have reviews attached to them, but hopefully this will act as a handy shopping list to take to your local record store.

If you'd like to see a list of future album releases, head here. For single releases head here.



  • - Alexa Goddard - 'So There'
  • - Carnival Youth - 'Octopus'
  • - Flight Facilities feat. Emma Louise - 'Two Bodies'
  • - The Parade - 'Connector'