Electronic music shat on your music taste this year, true story. And I'm not just talking about the very suspicious American concoction called EDM, but basically every facet of the wide ranging genre - whether it was integrated into hip-hop, and what's more it's hard to argue whether it was possible to hear even the most pristine of pop track without those distant electronic elements. I guess it could be called a year of experimentation; rule breaking but with a cause at hand. Fucking shit up, spitting on your onion rings.

Psapp are essentially the perfect mixture between something incredibly pop, yet experimental at the same time. That might be a highly contradictory claim, but there isn't a better way to describe it. Still, they managed to compile a playlist that might shock some, or appease others. Classic pop and folk, infused with this worldly trajectory that allows them to set themselves apart from the current zeitgeist.

Psapp's latest album, What Makes Us Glow, is out now. Watch the video for 'Wet Salt' by heading here.

Gaila's Picks:

The Cure - Seventeen Seconds

"Those walks to school and then later to dead end jobs, earning just enough to spend every single spare hour making music and chain smoking in London basements… all of the frustration and excitement about the future set against this perfect pop record. I felt like I was going to burst…all the time. I love everything about this record because basically it is excellent. Also check out this video, is that really Robert Smith?"

Talk Talk - Spirit of Eden

"I still remember hearing this album for the first time. On the top of a double decker bus, penniless and happy, sharing an ear from my then-boyfriend's headphones. Not sonically an ideal way to hear such a beautiful record but I still felt the power of it so much. There are not many times when you hear a piece of music and are so overwhelmed by it. I felt myself falling apart in a gorgeous way. Spirit of Eden is fantastic, a wonderful and timeless record and everyone should have a copy of it. It was not critically well received at the time, but since, critics have backtracked - this is a precursor to so much post rock stuff and actually so much music now. Melodically it’s incredibly sophisticated and beautifully celebrates the space between notes as much as the notes themselves. Have I mentioned I quite like this record?"

Tom Waits - Rain Dogs

"Organic, raw, disjointed, rusty and all the more polished for it, somehow. Another record that thrilled us both from the start and in many ways shaped the way that we make music."

Carim's Picks:

L'Ensemble Rayé - Quelques pieces detachees

"I could not win Galia over for this one but I really enjoy the playfulness of all their records. You never know where the track will veer off next to, what time signature or key change will happen without ever sounding contrived or deliberately difficult. I kept going back to all three albums by L'Ensemble Rayé although I find the sound/production a bit off-putting as it sounds a little too 1990's where everything is recorded via DI boxes without microphones and with no real spaces. If I ever meet one of these musicians I'll offer to record their next album for free, just to hear what it would sound like the way I imagine it could."

Mulatu Astatqé - Ethiopiques vol.4

"We've both been sucked into the atmosphere of the Ethiopique series. A unique mixture between Jazz, Oriental and African music with these distinctly Ethiopian melodies. I met Mulatu Astatqé three years ago in Addis Ababa and he wanted to put me in touch with some local musicians which I wanted for a recording session. In the end nothing happened apart from my love for music from Ethiopia grew even stronger. Every area and tribe seem to have their on distinct rhythm and concept of composition with some pleasantly insane grooves. I have to go back there again for more."