Being voted best supermarket of the year in the UK for a couple of years running have given Aldi an absurd confidence boost. So much so, in fact, that they've decided to launch their own music streaming service. Really that was a flippant remark: it's not a direct correlation, and it's not even available in the UK yet.

Dubbed Aldi Life Muzik it's currently only available in the supermarket's country of origin, Germany. It is also about as value-for-money as the actual supermarket is, being €7.99 per month; curiously, it is powered by Napster, whose price Aldi also undercuts with its latest offering to the market. There is, as yet, no word of a free tier to the service.

You may be thinking, "What next, Tesco?!" – but they've already tried that with Blinkbox (and failed; it went into administration June just gone).

Aldi, growing faster than most of its supermarket rivals especially in the UK, is one of the biggest privately owned companies in the world, reporting €62.2 billion in revenue for 2014, meaning – in some ways like Apple, but with many fewer multimedia advantages – that it is by no means a small fry; time will tell how it fares in the world of music streaming. For one thing, piggybacking off Napster may be cheap, but it may not be the most comprehensive offering when taking audiences into account.