Up and coming solo artist Alessandro Ciminata is constructing honeyed pop-driven guitar songs along with luminous vocals to boot. The London-based singer-songwriter has already released two tracks this year, ‘Love Locked Out’ and ‘Flashing Lights’. Exclusively premiering here on the 405 is his third single, ‘Heal Your Heart’—a painstakingly gorgeous track that’s both atmospheric and lush. With harrowing vocals, the kind where one can sense the ache Ciminata is conveying, ‘Heal Your Heart’ lives up to its apt title. At the crossroads of where Bon Iver meets How To Dress Well, Ciminata’s ethereal arrangements travel toward a melancholic utopia, and the setting feels as comfortable as a warm hug from an old friend.

On ‘Heal Your Heart’, Ciminata intimately shares his story: “This is a song that gives me goosebumps every time I sing it. It makes me realise the important role that love has in my life. Being in love, having someone to take care of is the best feeling ever! Even though we don’t know how long it could last.”

‘Heal Your Heart’ is seductive indie-pop basically at its finest—never overbearing in productions, subtle guitar work, and a winsome yearn within the singer’s distinct vocals. Ciminata’s latest endeavor proves again he’s something special, which all comes ahead of releasing a debut album of any kind. If you’re seeking something full, stirring, and utterly soulful, perhaps look no further than the quiet echoes of Alessandro Ciminata—a rising talent that’s on the path of capturing the hearts and souls beyond his London quarters.

Take your first listen below.

Alessandro Ciminata’s next show will be on Monday, June 18 at The Finsbury in London - and it's free!

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