Back in May, The 405 premiered singer/songwriter Alessandro Ciminata’s dreamy number, ‘Heal Your Heart’. It’s a gorgeous track signifying some real talents for the under the radar musician. Now the London-based pop artist finds himself expanding upon his ethereal arrangements with something a bit more complex with ‘It’s You or It’s Nothing’. This latest single, which was co-written and produced by Jack Gourlay (Rhodes, Caitlyn Scarlett, Paradisia), covers darker pop terrain as it dives into something you can move to on the dance floor.

Exclusively premiering here on The 405, Ciminata’s new single ‘It’s You Or It’s Nothing’ lays it out on the table. With a strong conviction behind his words and pristine productions falling into the keystones of pop, dance, and synth-pop, Ciminata is exploring sonic tones beyond his customary sound. Once again, the soulful singer pours his heart into something genuinely stirring, but also provides a far away soundscape to fully escape within.

On the meaning behind ‘It’s You Or It’s Nothing’, Ciminata says this: “I don’t like to make decisions without thinking about it but at the same time, I don’t like people who don’t make decisions. It’s black or it’s white, there’s no grey for me. It’s you or it’s nothing, indeed.”

Take your first listen to ‘It’s You Or It’s Nothing’ below and look for Alessandro Ciminata to release more music later this year.

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