Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nail touring member) has announced his new solo album AVANTI ('forward' in Italian). The new album will be the debut release on new label The Point of Departure Recording Company.

Alessandro, prior to creating the album, discovered a stash of family super 8 movies and cassettes in his Grandfather's house shortly after his passing. Acting as a time capsule of his childhood, Alessandro found the videos created discrepancies in his memories, exposing his rose tinted glasses the videos showed inconsistencies, and over the years had developed degradation and anomalies. All of these elements have been reflected in the score Alessandro wrote to accompany the videos. Alessandro going on to explain: "I really like that about memory and music, both from an instrumentation and playback point of view, I like imperfection."

The video for lead single 'Perdonare' features footage from some of the family videos and Alessandro has said that, "'Perdonare' embodies the often strenuous search for strength to forgive someone for their behaviour, when it becomes apparent that such behaviour is not conscious nor wanted, but merely a by-product of one's upbringing."

AVANTI is out on 6 October via The Point of Departure Recording Company.