Alessi Laurent-Marke has announced she'll be putting a new Alessi's Ark album out this fall. Love Is The Currency - which is due out on October 27th - features previously-shared single 'Wives', as well as a new track called 'Cut The Cord' which she has just unveiled.

The new LP was produced by Jago Jago (The Maccabees), and is being described as a "family affair" since Jago Jago’s brother Memby was brought in to play drums. "The core theme of Love is the Currency is our limitless ability to heal one another though music, healthy love, healing frequencies and working through previously unprocessed grief," Alessi says of the album. "With 'Cut The Cord', I wanted to make a song that could encourage people to save themselves from fear and the grip of toxicity's many guises."

You can catch Alessi's Ark live on July 27th at the Grenfell Benefit show (St. Stephen's Church, Shepherds Bush), on August 27th at the Stroud Fringe Festival, and on October 25th at London's Paper Vintage Dress for the album's release party.