In a world where there are literally millions of people who want to have their songs recorded and heard, it can be hard to stand out. British songwriter Alex Lleo has seemingly found the key to it: keep it simple and honest, and let your emotions do the talking. His fluttering debut single 'Bedroom Door' is a lesson in understating the big things, allowing the wordless melodies carry across the point.

Lleo starts the song with the titular image, and leaves the details to be surmised by the listener: "Running, running for that bedroom door/ Searching, searching for that lonely cause." His whining guitar and raspy voice are brimming with feeling, harping on classic folk and country styles, but he knows not to ham it up or hog the stage, instead taking breaths in order to let his band come in and fill the atmosphere with empathy. Horns and strings dance about like curls of smoke, teasing like words that are left regrettably unsaid. As the song builds steadily and regally towards its conclusion, you expect a full-on declaration from Lleo, but he pulls the rug out from under us again as he intones "By this time tomorrow, you’ll be flying so low," and leaves it at that. Check out 'Bedroom Door' below, and beneath read Alex's description of the process of bringing the song together in the studio.

Alex tells us about the creation of 'Bedroom Door':

"I’ve wanted to work with a larger band for a while now. I write a lot of counter-melodies, which never get the chance to see the light of day live. With this track being more rootsy in style, I started hearing where these melodies would sit, and what instruments would work where. At first I had this huge ‘Elbow-style' production in mind. After a few sharp looks during our production meetings though, we quickly established the financial & logistical headaches. The Live Room at Park Studios in Birmingham (where we recorded) really isn’t designed to track a band with this many intricacies live. From an engineering perspective it was a real mind melter.

"The room is awesome for tracking drums. Its an old industrial building with all the trademarks. Big, reverberant sound, which can be amazing, until you want to boost the cello of course! We relied heavily on Ali Jameson (Park Studio owner & engineer) and his incredible knowledge of his space to carefully place us around the room in an attempt to minimise bleed. It also meant that my ‘Phillomonic' style brass/string section had to take a back seat. We opted for solo horn, again to minimise intensity, whilst positioning the strings to give the guys every chance of cutting through the mix. At the end of the day though, it came down to excellent mic placement with an incredible band, who all understood how to play to the room. Which is quite admirable really, considering none of us had our own monitor mixes. Again though, that came down to Ali’s skills, mixing the session live to track.”

Alex Lleo's debut EP Park Studios, JQ comes out on April 20th. Follow him on Facebook and catch him and his 6 piece band playing at the following dates:

29/04 - Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham
02/05 - St Pancras Old Church, London