Label: Marine Parade Release date: 25/05/09 Website: For particularly savy, knowledgeable clubbers of recent years, the name Alex Metric should be a familiar one. Metric has rightfully garnered a reputation as an exciting rising electro fiend, having provided remixes from many bands on request, and captivated all present at his dj sets. The Head Straight EP continues the fine balance of electro pop that stems from previous work such as the fine Deadly on a Mission, in similar style and tidy aplomb Main track Head Straight blends the best of two worlds; a track that should have even the most hardcore gurning clubber purring faster than they can say Ricardo Villalobos. But at the same time, contains enough choppy melodic goodness, coupled with a huge repeating chorus, to appease the everyday indie-pop enthusiast. A wedge of Daft Punk pasted with Cut Copy, particularly in regards to the gratifyingly jagged rise/fall build, coupled with an expertly timed harder breakbeat presence, makes for an electrifying potent mix. Having drawn you in, Metric proves with What Now that he is capable of something a shade spasmodically dirtier, Phantom by Justice available to hear through sonic translucence. Music to be played at 120 decibels, at 120mph, and to be danced with 120 people. At least. Going out music has rarely been so prodigious. Rating: 8/10 MP3: Alex Metric - Head Straight