Icelandic producer and composer Úlfur put out an album called Arborescence last year; a collection of awe-inspired, nature-loving grandiose compositions that called for mental investment in their aural wonderland. This year Úlfur will be releasing Arborescence {Remixes}, which sees some of the most in-demand collaborators and experimental producers, including Alex Somers, Oren Ambarchi and Kara-Lis Coverdale, putting their own touch on the tracks. Already aired is Kara-Lis Coverdale's rework of 'Serpentine', and today we have the honour of bringing you Alex Somers' take on the album's opening title track 'Arborescence'.

Somers is perhaps best known for his work with his partner Jónsi, on their woozy art pieces and recent ventures into liminal experimentation. That makes 'Arborescence' an ideal track on which he should add his own touch; he pares back the more frantic moments and turns them into cool wisps of sound, like minor gusts kicking up off an icy surface. Where the original song ascends into a frantic, pulverising percussive crescendo, Somers has turned the track inside out, added more organic sounds, and allowed its own natural energy pull tension from the atmosphere around it. It's quite a stunning reimagination of Úlfur's 'Arborescence', while staying linked to the original roots. Listen below.

The full Arborescences {Remixes} will be available on July 20th, pre-order here.