Alex Zhang Hungtai has been shifting around the experimental music scene for a while now, most notably with his project Dirty Beaches, which he ended a few years ago. Since then he's been shifting names, from Last Lizard to Trouble (as featured in David Lynch's Twin Peaks), but has now decided to forge ahead under his own given name. Through all these shifts in persona, the saxophone has been his constant tool, and that remains the case on new track 'Pierrot', which is the first track to be aired from a new album called Divine Weight.

Although the brassy timbre of the sax is washed throughout 'Pierrot', you're unlikely to hear any clear moments of breathing or injections of air - it just seems to emerge up out of the ether. This has been created this way after Hungtai spent three years trying to make sax music, unsatisfyingly, and instead chopped all his attempts into tracks and re-formed them into the songs that will make up Divine Weight. 'Pierrot' is an ambient track, but one that doesn't lull you in; the soft and murky bed of synths might seem appealing to rest inside, but the echoes of disembodied saxophone that haunt the walls of this enclosure seem to be feebly but urgently warding us away. Across four and a half minutes of these soft-edged sounds brushing up against each other, Hungtai has created a luminescent track of greens and browns, like an aural Northern Lights, just visible beyond the inky cloud cover.

'Pierrot' comes with a video featuring Hungtai and his child on a day out at the LA river. Check it out below.

Divine Weight comes out on June 29th through NON Worldwide.