Gone is Dirty Beaches. We all know that. And if you didn't know that: hey, did you know that Alex Zhang Hungtai has cast off his Dirty Beaches moniker like a snake disrobes from its old skin? Needs to keep growing, innit, and you can't grow if you keep the same skin. If you're a snake or like, a spider or something (other things too). Wow, literally I had no idea I was talking about reptiles, which is funny because Mr. Hungtai's new moniker is Last Lizard.

There are two songs on this SoundCloud yet already it has 4,512 followers (at time of writing); maybe he told all his friends or something. And look, now the media – cause the media's what we is – is telling everyone. What if he just wanted to make music secretly without anyone knowing? (If he'd wanted that he wouldn't have shared his name).

These two tracks are ambient pieces. First up there's an excerpt of a track called 'Detroit', a heart-rending, soulful mélange of brass rising with melody like restful phantoms of car horns inching over cracked concrete beneath a blue cold sky. Second up there's 'Dickie's Theme', a wiggling number that ploughs through more brass in a mist of crackle and fuzz – the spirit of tired jazz panting and reclining in the quietly bustling streets of anywhere. Bizarre, especially if you like your music in a tidy verse-chorus-verse package, but beautiful.

Will Last Lizard score films? Sounds like it could happen (not from anything I've read, just from what I've heard yo). Anyway, you can listen below and find out for yourself.