We all liked Dirty Beaches. But from now on, after 9 years, the project is history.

Alex Zhang Hungtai, the man behind the moniker, had this to say about it:

Hi guys thank you all for the support of STATELESS, its sad to say goodbye to DB, but rest assured NEW PROJECTS NEW MUSIC COMING SOON 2015

this may not be a smart move & painful1 too, but in the long run I’ll look back& be glad I moved on from Dirty Beaches. Thank you all x


The news arrives just a few months after he announced his STATELESS EP, something instrumental and experimental that will be arriving 4th November; he worked on it with Italian composer Vittorio Demarin and Dean Hurley (who worked with David Lynch on Inland Empire).

People are always making music under a bunch of different names. Doesn't mean that person dies or disappears. Blood Orange rose out the ashes of Lightspeed Champion. Caribou is also Daphni. There are hundreds of other examples. They are just vessels. And especially with the internet, you could be listening to some new music by someone you've never heard before but it might be somebody very well known – the internet is the perfect test site for new projects.

Here's a horizontal track uploaded by Dirty Beaches in 2010 called 'West Coast Bird' – nice lazy beat and body-soothing marimba sounds.

The 405 meets Dirty Beachesyes it happened, go and read it (it's an interview btw).