For those of you who are familiar with the wonderful works of Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros expect more of the beautiful same from their enigmatic front man Alexander Ebert's self titled debut solo album. For those of you who are used to Ima Robot (Alexander's highly strung power pop band) expect much more of the complete opposite! The album works in a way similar to Edward Sharpe's first album Up From Below in that Alexander memorises you with his soft mellow voice while gentle guitar twangs will real you in.

The first track on the album 'Lets Win' is an upbeat and chirpy sounding song complete with tambourines and twinkles that bring to mind a kind of raw Sufjan Stevens. As far as it goes for an opening it is quite a nice way to ease you into the album. The next song is quite different with a slow, but not sombre, beat and repetitive lyrics. It sounds almost like the Alexander Ebert take on an El Guincho song but more laid back.

The third track on the album 'Truth' is the biggest surprise of the day. Following almost the same beat as the previous track but this time dulled down and with a lonely whistling from Alexander. This song has all the smooth country style of a western and all the sharp lyrics and loose beats of a a hip hop track. A very strange mix that works very well, especially at this point in the album. The song gradually builds up in vocal layers and creates quite a beautiful and melancholy sounding track.

The happy melodies and light simple beats are back again for the fourth track titled 'In The Twilight'. This is the most Edward Shape sounding song so far, not that it is not worth it. Quite the contrary, it is a very nice simple track and well worth a listen. By the time you get to 'Old Friend' the format of the music has changed to quite a dark and almost rythmless sound. Haunting is more the word, you get the feeling that Alexander was just writing the first tracks to get your attention and now you're in he says what is actually on his mind.

The last song 'Lets Make A Deal Not To Make A Deal' is, again, very simple and a very good closing track to a very good album.

This is very much a thinking album and I would recommend buying it and getting your head into Alexander's simple and touching lyrics for yourself. It will not disappoint.