When I first got into Bjork, I was an underclassman in high school. My life felt neatly put together—I had a schedule and a routine, as well as a part-time job and a clear path to college. I couldn’t relate to the Icelandic singer’s well-loved single 'Unravel', but it opened my eyes to what life held in store. Since then, I’ve fallen in and out of love and experienced instability all around (as well as inside) me. Alexander Vincent’s delicate cover brings me to present day.

“I chose this Bjork song because it has always been on of my favorites. The simple analogy of her heart unravelling in a ball of yarn has always struck a profound chord with me. She is one of my biggest inspirations. She is unafraid and raw. Uncompromising in her art. It gives me the courage to do my art with the same bravery.”

Though he is becoming known for his winding production style, Vincent strips down 'Unravel' until it shines from a different angle. A distant synthesizer fills in gaps toward the end, while rattling cans accent earlier moments. Vincent mentions that he has loved Bjork for awhile, but this song in particular has stuck with him since a trip to Zurich. He was walking around on Christmas ten years ago to 'Unravel', and the memory still feels like a dream. He created the distorted music video with Karina Cortez.

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