If you heard that the drummer for Magic!–the band that found fame with their seemingly ubiquitous 2014 single, 'Rude!'–had a new project, you probably wouldn’t expect to hear it compared to the likes of Radiohead and Sam Smith. Yet that’s exactly who comes to mind when listening to Alexander Vincent’s newest single, 'I Won’t', which you can hear exclusively below.

Vincent is not new to the electronic scene; he has collaborated with Sabrina Claudio, remixed Ken Wakan, and even has plans to record with Jennifer Lopez. But his influences touch more of the fringes of the genre, citing Aphex Twin and Bjork. With its glitchy and understated production, his latest track is the first he has ever released for his own solo project, and with that it carries the weight of first impressions. If 'I Won’t' is any indication, Alexander Vincent will be serving us atmospheric falsetto all across his debut record and well into the future after that.

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