The first day of spring has officially come and gone, with plenty of rain and a fair bit of sunshine too. But now begins the slow march to summer, to parks packed with unnecessarily topless people when it's only 10C, to deals on booze at Tesco, to the ever present threat of hayfever. And with this slow march begins the slew of tracks that are specifically designed to get you right in the mood. The new track from Detroit producer, Alfred English is one such track.

'Bali Surf' is a real melting pot of summery greatness. Twinkling bells shimmer over the choppy vocal samples and the thumping bassline while the beat continues to evolve around it all. One second the whole thing is set to a drum n bass-lite beat, that summery drum n bass feel that Rudimental did pretty well bringing to the mainstream last year, before swapping the drums for hand claps as it swaps to a more trap flavour. It keeps you on your toes while continuing its laid back, lounge feel. It's the kind of track that would feel at home as much laying beside the pool as it would in a club later that night.

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