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According to Google, the word "skisser" translates to "sketch". In terms of quality, that's exactly what the predecessor to EP II was-- a compilation of drafts. Skisser served as a taste of what Alice Boman is capable of dishing out, and this EP displays her mastering those skills. Listening to this new EP feels like sitting in on a church sermon, and Boman is the deacon leading us in musical prayer. (Forgive me if I have sinned in naming the correct position, I am long overdue for a lesson on religion.)

"What do you see when you look at me?" Boman asks on the opener 'What'. As creepy as her run-on questions are in these lo-fi piano driven ballads, there's something beautiful about her delivery. 'Over' is a hymn for sad girls everywhere, spilling the details about a relationship that was doomed from the start. Ultimately, both partners have to find a balance between spending time together and embracing solitude.

'Burn' is more melodic, quite literally progressing like a Yankee candle that's slowly burning on the windowsill during a rainy afternoon. Boman softly hums throughout the piece, uplifting the spirits ever so slightly after she says, "It burns, it burns/ Now you are gone/ I am done." The song is an ode to learning from one's mistakes 'Be Mine' includes more instrumentation including percussionists, which really enriches Boman's high-pitched vocals as they ring in layers above the notes.

'All Eyes On You' accurately narrates what every girl experiences when she sees an ex-lover for the first time: "You look so good when you enter the room/ All eyes, I swear, all eyes are on you/ It's been so long, but some things never change/ And I still feel the same/ I don't dare to make a move/ Too much at risk, too much to lose." It's so easy to envision this moment because the situation is so real. Throw in the subsequent line "if you want me then I am yours," and Boman has successfully written one of the most moving post-break up songs. It's the ideal closer, leaving a permanent mark of somberness that really sinks deep to the core.

Boman has taken the time to polish her sound, providing us with a dramatic and dynamic soundtrack for those dark spells of summertime sadness. Every song is intimate in its own way as she bares her soul, pouring raw emotion into every note with every breath. All noise aside, Boman's music strikes as authentic because the sentiments behind her songs are real and relatable. There is a strong sense of vulnerability and desperation as she speaks of unrequited love and heartbreak.

Here's to hoping that Boman will continue to open herself up even more on a full length so we can hear the complete story. I have faith that she will.

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