Few bands can muster the kind of cinematic sound that New York electronic duo Alien Bay has cultivated, and Alien Bay hasn't even dropped its first record yet. So perhaps it is no surprise that 'Carpal Tunnel,' the new track from Jenny Wong and Julia Morrison, will a) be featured in the Blumhouse film CAM later this year and b) that a stunning and striking new video for the track is debuting here on The 405 today.

Featuring a spacey and sensual beat, 'Carpal Tunnel' has a suspenseful, yet sexy vibe to it. To complement its sound is a luscious video, directed by Wong and Morrison, that features a beautiful palette of deep pinks, blues, and greens. The look reminded me, in many ways, of a Nicolas Winding Refn-style fantasia. It is clear that Wong and Morrison are not only exceptional musicians, but talented filmmakers as well. I would watch a full-length version of the 'Carpal Tunnel' video.

"'Carpal Tunnel' is about obsession, love and our human need to connect, even sometimes with people who are bad for us," says the duo. "It's about the constant double-tapping going on in our lives 24/7, as experienced through the eyes of an alien intelligence for the first time."

Wong and Morrison plan to release their debut record later this year. In the meantime, you can check out the superb 'Carpal Tunnel,' and its exhilarating music video, up above. And be sure to purchase the track for your own consumption right here.