With the amount of activity in Nashville these days, it’s hard for artists to keep track of their contemporaries. But now and again, the universe gets things right. Jameson Flood (production, guitar, keys) and AK Karrasch (vocals) formed ALKE after working with a mutual artist. It was one of those moments where when things click, you don’t question it, you just run with it.

The LA-based band are playing the game: writing, producing and collaborating with other artists, but they like to keep this project at the forefront.

ALKE found a way to make pop disarming again with ‘Not Being You’. The composition is lush and the melody immediately warms your ears. It’s soft-rock that went electronic and added a dash of R&B grit. AK’s vocals range from head voice crooning, down to a raspy, alto snark. The flippant quality of her vocals on this song just add to the overall artistic integrity of the song.

As AK puts it, “Everyone knows a ‘one-upper’; the person that has to outdo you in any way possible…By trumping everyone’s accomplishments or downplaying their pain it helps them feel superior. The idea that someone gets satisfaction from people feeling sorry for them will always confuse me. I’ve found that the only way to keep my sanity when dealing with people like this is to amuse them. I’ll amuse them just enough to keep my interactions vague, but not enough to validate their fabricated claims…I wrote this song to give the one-uppers what they want to hear. Sometimes you just have to say ‘Wow, it’s not easy being you.’”

Share in the mutual disdain of ‘one-uppers’ below.