We all know that sisterhood is powerful, and now there'll be a whole new festival to prove it. HARD events co-founder Gary Richards has just revealed plans for an all-female electronic music festival that should take place next year.

"I try my hardest to mix it up... I dunno why it ends up being more male-driven," Richards says of the fact that only 8% of electronic festival goers between 2008-2013 were women. "But I think hopefully it changes. I would love to have 60 female DJs that are all awesome. To me, I always think everything's better with girls... there's tons of cool female artists, I wish there were more."

Richards has also revealed that the event will probably take place in Los Angeles, although no official date has been announced yet: "It's not a 70,000-person event. But I do see more females coming up and I'm definitely gonna do it 2014," he continued. "I'm not worried about selling the tickets, it's just getting them all at the same time." [via CoS]