Los-Angeles four-piece Allah-Las have announced they'll be putting out a new album later this year. Calico Review follows their 2014 sophomore LP Worship The Sun and is due out on September 9th via Mexican Summer.

Preceding the release is 'Famous Phone Figure', a soothing piece of melodic heaven whose only faux-pas is being its short runtime. You can stream it (along with its video) below.

Calico Review is described in the press release as being their "most diverse work to date", with an approach that varies "from song to song" while staying true to the band as a "cohesive unit". According to this, the 12-track journey is shaping up to be a testimony of them growing as a band, as well as a confirmation of their talent and solidity.

They play London's Oslo on July 14th, so be sure to catch them if you're in town.

Calico Review's tracklist is as follows:

  • '01. Strange Heat'
  • 02. 'Satisfied'
  • 03. 'Could Be You'
  • 04. 'High & Dry'
  • 05. 'Mausoleum'
  • 06. 'Roadside Memorial'
  • 07. 'Autumn Dawn'
  • 08. 'Famous Phone Figure'
  • 09. '200 South La Brea'
  • 10. 'Warmed Kippers'
  • 11. 'Terra Ignota'
  • 12. 'Place In The Sun'