Startup Cult, the debut album from Australian rapper Allday, was something of a breakout success, topping out at No. 3 on the Australian charts. Now, with the impending release of his new album Speeding this Friday, Allday is hoping to take the whole globe by storm. The album's last track, 'Baby Spiders,' is premiering here on The 405 today, and it exemplifies how close Allday is to blowing the world away.

Featuring the 18-year-old artist Mallrat — who actually apparently discovered a new species of spider one time — helps Allday, whose real name is Tom Gaynor, bring some serious heat here. With lush vocals and gorgeous production buoying the track, 'Baby Spiders' makes a strong early case for song of the summer.

"Mallrat and I put this song on all the time and dance to it," said Allday. "I'm glad other people can join us now. It's one of my favourites from Speeding."

"Tom is one my best friends and favourite artists so a lot of love went into this song," added Mallrat.

Check out 'Baby Spiders' below and get your ears ready for Speeding, due out on April 21.