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Alma Construct’s debut self-titled EP is by any standard a logical continuation of R&S Records’ traditional sound. The 19-year-old producer seems to be no stranger to the fervent bass of Tessela or Powell, and takes more than a page from the playbook of classic R&S releases, like the still-classic Energy Flash by Joey Beltram.

Featured on this five-track offering is an excellent blend of off-kilter instrumental hip-hop and mind-numbing industrial-strength techno that would make Liars jealous. The loopy, swung 'Deer Drink From The River' is a prime cut, containing wailing saws and keening screeches over a mess of synths - there’s a hook buried somewhere in there, but how well it’s hidden is alluring.

Elsewhere, the darkly playful 'On The Edge, Surrounded With The Shores Of Assudrey' fixates a four-on-the-floor beat somewhat resembling a twisted-as-hell deep house tune in front of echoing vocal samples and a rap-lite sensibility for minimalism. 'Imagine Them' takes that song a step further, mixing hip-hop tipsiness with raw techno snares and unbalanced rock organ in a way that calls to mind something akin to a relentless reinterpretation of a DJ Shadow B-side.

The screaming, ominous pair of 'Dialectic' and 'Dialectic B' round off the EP in style. They feel just a bit of an insubstantial conclusion, very much buried under the more fully-fledged previous tracks, but their machinistic wails and hardcore-esque samurai-styled snares are a treat nonetheless.

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