'Virtualism' by French artist Alma Elste appeared almost two years ago in its demo version, now it's back, fully done, highly polished, and heavy on the synth – which by turns whirls in savage arpeggios, grinds your ears with distorted, gravelly bass, and induces a sense of bliss with washes of floating chords. It's a decidedly darker venture than her demo suggested, especially with the slightly brutal ending, but the sentiment is still there in Elste's lyrics. She sings about playing GTA, stealing baseball cards, and sings the ultimately heartbreaking line, "I could almost see myself with you."

Her comeback, or for many her appearance, was sparked at the end of last year when she shared a new track of hers called 'Heart Melter'. As for what's coming next, well, it seems she recently took down a song from YouTube called 'Julian', which may mean that it's also getting a renewal. We shall see!

Listen to 'Virtualism' below.

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