It's a shame Alma Elste has taken all her tracks off SoundCloud, cause we liked 'em. Luckily she's not disappeared, she's just unveiled a new track called 'Heart Melter', a sonic illustration of "the moment you want to go on a life time holiday with that person and leave it all behind." With its excitable beat, stuttering jagged of synth, body-rumbling bass tinged with distortion, explosive piano notes and subtle string sounds, it's certainly the backdrop for the distinct euphoria of bungee jumping away from yourself for a second, two souls joining, a heart melting (it's in the title yo).

It's made complete with Alma's fluttering vocals, touched with gravelly strength, that simultaneously float above – and are a massive part of – all the intense hurricane of the song, like someone's out-of-body spirit looking down on a potentially life-changing situation.

It's a shame you can't also hear her earlier songs, 'Virtualism' being our favourite — HOWEVER: you can watch the video for 'Julian' below. It's a beautiful song with a hypnotising video.

Also: Please acquaint yourself with Alma Elste; we interviewed back in July 2013.